Plot Summary:

Christchurch, New Zealand, during World War II. Like most other women, the four Leslie sisters Barbara, Anne, Delia and Evelyn are left at home alone. Their father, brother and Barbara's husband all die on the battlefields of Europe and Africa, while Delia's uncultured husband Phil Friskett, called 'China' is held captive.

When the war breaks out in the Pacific, the Americans come to rescue defenseless New Zealand from a Japanese invasion. The handsome American soldiers are a strong temptation for the lonely New Zealand women. Headstrong Delia, who moves to Wellington, conceals her being married and looks for several American boys. Anne, who is very decent, surprisingly falls in love with worthy Captain Richard Bates. Even teenager Evelyn flirts with a soldier, and Barbara gets to know Captain Jack Harding, whose job is to screen all women who want to marry American soldiers.

Harding believes that most war marriages are rash and mistaken. He claims that life with alcohol instead of marriage brings no remorse. There is grief, but no remorse when Capt. Bates dies before he can marry Anne, who is pregnant with his son.

When the war is over, Evelyn marries boyfriend Tommy,who is leaving New Zealand. The parents of the late Capt. Bates send for Anne and her son to come to America. Delia wants to divorce her husband 'China', so that she can marry a American, but when China is released from captivity he murders his unfaithful wife. On his trial Capt. Harding gives testimony that Delia was intimate with seven American soldiers. This hurts Barbara, but she follows Capt. Harding to America.


This is a beautiful and very sensitive drama which focuses on the relationship between men and women during wartime. The movie stands out with magnetic actors, credible characters, a good story and fine photography. Although this was Sandra Dee's movie debut, she easily equals with the prestigious leading stars, and it is her unique charm that brightens up the drama.

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