Rosie Lord is a very active woman, and she never sits still. She enjoys ballet,driving her Ferrari very fast through her town of Pasadena California, and walking briskly down the sidewalks, with her grandaughter Daphne behind her.

Rosie is also very sweet and generous. Her dream to is buy a closed down theatre that she enjoys singing on the stage of, with Daphne accompanying her on the piano.She tells Daphne that wants to reopen it and turn it into a repetatory theatre.The building has great sentimental value to her because that is where her late husband purposed to her.She doesn't want the theatre to become a parking lot. But Rosie is too scared to spend the half million dollars pay for it.She knows her daughters Mildred and Edith and Ediths husband, Cabot will do all they can to keep her from buying it, so they will not lose their inheritance. Daphne, who loves her grandmother dearly, tells her she is on Rosies side, that she is her "buddy".She tells Rosie she will tell the greedy relatives of Rosies plan, and she will stand behind her grandmother all the way. They walk out of the theatre singing "Everybody Loves My Baby".

WAV of Daphne and Rosie discussing telling the relatives about the theatre.

(NOTE about the wav: This is a rare occasion in her career when Miss Dee's character used a profanity! In fact, the Family Channel had deemed it necessary to delete the word.)

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