The Daughters Of Joshua Cabe(1972)

NOTE: The quality of the pictures on this particular review are not the greatest, but I consider myself lucky to have a copy of the movie and am very grateful. Thank you again, Cindy!

The Story

Buddy Ebsen

The setting is the old west. Due to a homesteading law, Joshua Cabe may lose his land if he cannot prove he has a family. His beloved wife has died and his long lost daughters were been sent east six years ago. His arch enemy Amos Wetherall is out to destroy him and steal his land. Cabe is desperate, and in order to keep his promise to his departed wife, he begins a search for his daughters in St. Louis to come home and live him in order to save his land.

While there, he finds one of his daughters, Katy, who is a nun in a convent. He sees her devotion to her calling, so does not mention his need for her to come home. Knowing his others daughters may never be found, to drown his troubles, Cabe goes to a bar where he meets a lady of the evening named Mae having bad luck. He offers her a new business proposition as his daughter.

Joshua then goes to to the ladies reformatory in town and asks for their help. He is presented with Charity, who also accepts his offer of moving back to his home to be his daughter. Charity and Cabe then finds Ada, a shoplifter, to complete the family and head back home.

Lesley Warren Karen Valentine Sandra Dee
The Daughters of Joshua Cabe

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