Fantasy Island

"Da plane! da plane!!!"

The popular ABC drama Fantasy Island started out as a TV movie in 1977.Like the TV show, the movie starred Ricardo Montalban as Mr.Roarke and Hervé Villechaize as Tattoo. Also like the Aaron Spelling series, the movie involved Mr. Roarke helping people find their fantasies by creating situations for them to happen, all in a beautiful tropical island setting. The movie guest starred Peter Lawford, Carol Lynley, Hugh O'Brian, Eleanor Parker, Victoria Principal, Dick Sargent, Bill Bixby and Sandra Dee.

NOTE: Due to space and time limitations, the segment featuring Sandra Dee and Bill Bixby will only be reviewed here.

The Story

Fantasy maker Mr. Roarke gladly excepts 50,000 from each of his guests in order to fulfill their fantasies on his beautiful tropical island. He and his assistant Tattoo greet a lonely rich widower Arnold Greenwood (Bill Bixby), one of his new clients off the Fantasy Island plane. Arnold was a reporter in World War II who wants to relive a brief romance that took place in London 30 years ago. Mr. Roarke knows all of Arnolds past, and is prepared to help him but says he takes no responsibility for the outcome of his fantasy.

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