Sandra Dee in The 1990s and early 2000s

In 1991, Sandra was on the cover of PEOPLE magazine and shared with us the true story of all the heartaches she has survived. It was so good to see Sandra in the limelight again. With the news of her childhood sexual abuse now made public, Sandra made a TV commercial that was broadcast in California on how to get help for sexual abuse.

Miss Dee made a acting comeback in 1991 when she starred in a play called Love Letters with John Saxon.

Also in 1991, Sandra appeared on Sally Jesse Rapheal's talk show. It was a a very good interview and some surprise guests showed up to see her, including James Darren (GIDGET).

Sandra also appeared in a Captain Dee Resturant Commericial in 1994.

" Hey,surfs up !... So, which ways the beach ?"

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When her son, Dodd Darin wrote a book about her life with his father, Bobby Darin in 1994,(Dream Lovers:The Magnificent Shattered Lives of Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee Warner Books) Sandra made several interviews promoting the book.

Sandra on a "DATELINE NBC" interview in late 1994.

In 1996,Sandra was on the cover of Star magazine. It told how she was helping homeless people. She was still beautiful as ever and going strong! Her son Dodd and daughter-in-law Audrey blessed her with two granddaughters, Alexa and Olivia.

It was rumored in 1998 that Miss Dee was writing her own autobiography "Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee",but it remained a rumor. The much rumored Barry Levinson bio-pic of her life with Bobby Darin has been PUT ON HOLD at the time due to script problems. On May 27, 1998, Sandra starred in a production of Grease in Detroit. She also appeared with Troy Donahue at Marc Huestis's Summer Beach Party with Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue on July 17, 1998. This was a big charity event in San Francisco that saluted the classic film A Summer Place and Sandra and Troy, who did a interview and signed autographs for the huge crowd. Sandra and Troy also appeared on AMC's "Behind The Screen" that summer.

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Sandra was happy and healthy as told in a 1998 National Inquirer article. In June 2000, The A&E network premired Sandra's Biography,and it was a wonderful tribute to her. In 2004, the film "Beyond The Sea" was released starring Kevin Spacey. Actress Kate Bosworth played Sandra.

Tragically, Sandra Dee passed away on February 20, 2005. We all loved Sandra very much, and continue to love her and will always be grateful for all the happiness she has given us. She will always be "America's Sweetheart."

Sandra's son Dodd Darin statement about his mother soon after her death

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